Music & Me


Music & Me is an introductory course in music and movement that is designed specifically for pre-school children. Children as young as two years old can benefit developmentally from these classes, although for two year olds we ask that the parents attend the class with the student. In general, the classes are divided like this:

Pitch exploration: learning about what our voices can do

Song Fragments: echo songs, call and response

Simple Songs: teacher sings and students learn motions, then students will do both in later lessons

Movement Exploration: warm up for movement section

Movement for Form and Expression: fingerplays, action songs, and circle games

Beat Motions: songs and rhymes to develop rhythm and beat

Song Tales: basically song stories to finish up the class!

From Kathryn Bircher: I love teaching children! Thank you for sharing yours with us. I am excited to expose your children to music and develop a love of learning and music that will benefit them throughout their life!