Playing With Skill

Sep 06, 2015

Why Practice?
Cheryl Amelang

There are many reasons to practice but my personal, top #1 reason is . . .
to be able to put a smile on God's face!

In Psalm 33:1-3, King David wrote:

Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous!
For praise from the upright is beautiful.
Praise the Lord with the harp;
Make melody to Him with an instrument of ten strings.
Sing to Him a new song;
Play skillfully with a shout of joy.

Since our Heavenly Father is a creator and He made man in His own image, I tend to think that he wants us to be creators, as well. When we think about Him, what do we think? When we sing to Him, what are we really thinking about? He has called us to connect with Him and has made that possible through the life of His son, Jesus Christ. He has provided for us, He is there to lead us if we will surrender our will and trust Him with all our hearts.

Because I have spent my life practicing piano, I can fly when I play. I don't have to think about what I am playing but can express my heart to my Father when I play. Also, the songs I practice and the more styles and genres I play, even if I do not memorize them, they are being stored in my brain, like a computer, to be called upon when I want to play my own musical expression.

Playing with skill enables me to give God new creative ideas. Just as children delighting parents with new and growing ideas, we should naturally delight our maker with our new musical thoughts and ideas.

So if you are reading this... don't give up. Keep climbing the mountain of music in front of you. Don't stop. Play as many songs as you can every day (you can have a day off ;-) ). Play every style—classical, jazz, gospel/hymns, contemporary, theater, etc. Read the notes. Play scales. Learn by ear. Play with chords.  Sing. Play other instruments. Listen to all genres of music. Go to concerts. Expand your musical horizons.

Someday the recipe of musical stew will be put together in your heart, mind, and soul, and you will serve the most High King an amazing bowl of savory, aromatic flavors for His ears and heart to enjoy.

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